IFSA - International Forestry Students Association

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Pro Silva Sub Commission

Mátyás Csorba

Head of Pro Silva Sub-Commission

University of Sopron Faculty of Forestry, Hungary

IFSA Partners Commision

Fredy David Polo Villanueva

Head of Partners Commission

University of Dresden, Germany

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Gender & Forest Education Open Letter 2022

The International Forestry Students Association published the IFSA Open Letter on Gender and Forest Education in 2022. They addressed this letter to forestry universities and departments as well as policymakers and organisations.

We want to use our voice as youth and the next generation of forestry professionals and advocate for calling for a swift transformation towards more gender-aware and inclusive practices in forest education. With this clear statement from a students perspective, we highlight the need for action.

Best regards,
Barbara Öllerer and Theresa Klara Loch
IFSA Gender Sub-Commission

here you can download the Open Letter More information on the IFSA Open Letter


In Pro Silva's Annual Meeting in 2022 in Luxembourg was accepted as a new associated partner. The partnership between Pro Silva and IFSA will help to establish world wide exchange with students and participation of students in all national and international activities.

International Forestry Students’ Association

The International Forestry Students’ Association (IFSA) is the largest international association of students in forestry and related sciences. IFSA is a globally organized and locally operating students’ organization connecting forest and related science students to their peers and forest related organizations and policy platforms.

With almost 12.000 members belonging to more than 130 member associations also known as local committees, spread across over 60 countries, IFSA unites thousands of students in their endeavor to learn  about  forests,  cultures  and  the  environment.  IFSA  is  a  non-political,  non-profit  and non-religious organization that is entirely run by students.

In IFSA we seek to create global cooperation among students of forest and related sciences, to broaden knowledge and understanding and a space for youth in international forest processes to achieve a sustainable future for our forests. Through our network, we facilitate student meetings, enable participation in scienti?c debate, and support the involvement of youth in decision making processes regionally and globally.

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