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CNVP Connecting Natural Values & People

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Xhevat Lushi

St.Tirana C4/1 A 1st floor 13
10000 Pristina - Kosovo

phone: +377 44 204364

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CNVP Executive Board Member-Country Director, Kosovo , Pristina Office & Acting Director Skopje, North Macedonia

Xhevat has expertise in policy analysis for and operational implementation of agri-rural, agro-environment and NRM development, including the EU integration processes related to Chapter 11 of the acquis communautaire. He has implemented donor-funded projects with CSOs covering public policies, organizational development, climate change and land management. He has worked on cross-border cooperation projects, has exp. in developing agri-businesses, rural diversification and the LEADER/LAG approach.

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Sustainable natural resource management

Connecting Natural Values and People is an independent organisation with the actions field in the west balkan countries. It is financed via trusts, donations and EU Project money.

One focus of activity is sustainable forest management, multi-functional systems for farmer-focused forestry (small-scale, private or communal), including forest governance and legislative reform, evidence-based forest policy, decentralized forest management and joint forest management.

They were participating in an excursion from Kosovo to Austria and showed passionate interest in Pro Silva. Although they were not able to meet the Pro Silva group at the annual meeting in Slovenia 2019, the annual meeting decided to accept CNVP as an assosiated member of Pro Silva.

We hope that our exchange and collaboration will increase in the future togehter with the new contacts points in Bosnia & Herzegovina and North Macedonia.

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Integrated forest management for resilience and sustainability across 25 countries