Pro Silva

Pro Silva goes Brazil

João Paulo Fidalgo Carvalho, our representative from Portugal  was in Brasil, invited to the X Symposium on Forest Science (X Simpósio Brasileiro de Pós-Graduação em Ciências Florestais), organised by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), 13-15 June .

He presented 'Close to Nature Silviculture as an Adaptive Silviculture' (in Portuguese 'A silvicultura próxima da natureza como uma silvicultura adaptativa'). He has been working with the Brazilian collegues these days. 

Close to Nature Silviculture as an Adaptive Silviculture

Abstract / Short Note

João Paulo Fidalgo Carvalho, Dep. Forestry, University Tras-os-Montes Alto Douro, Vila Real.

Silviculture has been facing ecologic, economic and social challenges, including the scenarios of climate change. It has been required a sustainable silviculture that considers these different aspects, including the functioning and the resilience of the forest ecosystem. The main characteristics of the close to nature silviculture were presented, including multifunctionality, economic profitability and adaptive capability. The maintenance of the forest cover insures the ecosystem functioning and a continuous provision of goods and services. Allows better conditions for natural regeneration and adaptation in a continuous way, which is particularly important in more difficult and changing environmental conditions.



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