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Pro Silva Constitution

The signatory members of the current memorandum, following regular contacts and meetings since 1987, and the meeting of foresters from 10 European countries on the 18th to 22nd December 1989 in Slovenia (former Yugoslavia), created a European Association of Foresters who advocates forest management based on natural processes.  

Pro Silva Europe’s constitution contains following details:

  • Institution’s aims
  • Conditions necessary for admittance
  • Details for subscription
  • Information on administration and functioning
  • General assembly details
  • Board of directors description and the role of Pro Silva’s president
  • Status amendment details
  • Dissolution and transmission of assets

Pro Silva Europe’s constitution can be downloaded here 

go to download the constitution

Registration of Pro Silva

PRO SILVA. registered at the court in Molsheim, Frankreich. - Adress: Truttenhausen – F 67140 Barr. - President: Eckart Senita, Poitschach 2, 9560 - Feldkirchen i.K., Austria

go to download the Registration

"Pro Silva" is a trademark

Trademark trough all over Europe

"Pro Silva" is registred at the European Trade Mark at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) as a word trade mark.

The trademark protection is valid for the products and services according to the Nice Classification for

  • 39 - Arranging of study trips in the field of forestry and forest management.
  • 41 - Education; Providing of training; Arranging courses; Arranging of colloquiums; Organising of congresses; All the aforesaid services being in the field of forestry and forest management.

This covers most of our current activities. In fact "Pro Silva" as an european organisation is licening the use of their trademark to their full members, that fulfill the criteria:

  • 1) - Act as an independent non governmental organisation with a valid constitution and an registred status within the member country
  • 2) - The constitution directly includes the Pro Silva Principles (2012) or ave a strong reference to those principles and the organisation is ative in the same fields as Pro Silva on a national level.

Check the data at EUIPO here




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