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Exemplary Forests – Slovakia

Excursion object Pro Silva Slovakia

Selection forests and conversion to selection forest

(Donovaly, orographic unit Nízke Tatry, management unit Liptovská Osada)

Total area of the object is 50.3 ha and it is situated in south-eastern part of Nízke Tatry Mountains. The object concerns complex of forest stands with selection structure or stands in conversion to the selection forest.

Demonstration object is located in the altitude 980-1050 m a.s.l. and it is a part of the spruce-fir-beech forest vegetation belt. According to the forest typology the stands belong to the forest type group Fagetum abietino-piceosum. Parent rock is gneiss and phyllite and the most present soils in the stands are ranker (protection forest) and cambisol. Average annual temperature is 4.2-4.8 grad celsius and average annual precipitation 1,000-1,100 mm.

In each stand a permanent research plot (0.25 ha) was established where every 4-5 years complete measurements are carried out. The research in this object runs for 25 years. Compartments 632a, 632c and 607 represent forest stands with selection structure, rest of the stands are in various phase and form of conversion to the selection forest (605, 631,632b, 606, 629a, 629b).

Demonstration object serves for the forestry practitioner courses and for the students of Faculty of Forestry TU in Zvolen.

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