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Pro Silva encourages its members to form national associations which are then affiliated to the Pro Silva network. Pro Silva draws its strength through greater capacity and stature and through sharing of experiences and knowledge. Two representatives from each Pro Silva association meet at the Annual Meeting hosted by a different member country every year. The Pro Silva associations provide information sharing through their own websites, newsletters, meetings, lectures, conferences, training and field visits in each individual country.

Please go the Country Members to find a local Pro Silva association in your country in order to join your local branch. However, if there is currently no local Pro Silva organisation in your country, contact Pro Silva President or Administrator in order to gain further information.

The Pro Silva application form and model constitution can be downloaded here.

Kindly note that while Pro Silva has been operating within Europe since its foundation in 1989, we broadened our horizons in 2010 to welcome the NEFF from New England, USA. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in joining Pro Silva. We promote principles of Close to Nature forestry and our approach is adaptive and respectful of the dynamics of ecosystems which is abroad approach that lends itself to many different situations.

Email Enquiry Form:

Please feel free to contact Pro Silva Europe. We do suggest that queries are first addressed to individual country or member state organisations, please see the contact details on the Member Countries/States page.

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